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About Jane Restaurant

We’ve got you covered.

Since 2001, Jane has been a neighborhood destination for local regulars and out-of-town diners  alike. We’ve mastered the notion of easygoing elegance, warmly welcoming each guest to an experience that’s consistently delicious and remarkably gracious. We elevate classic American comfort food with a combination of creativity and locally sourced, seasonal ingredients, designing dishes that are simultaneously familiar and unique.

"I have gone to Jane for brunch, dinner and dessert and have never been disappointed. It serves as a great place to bring out of town guests, parents and my younger group of friends. The staff is amazing and hospitable. This place is a gem!" 

- Brian
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"Jane has become one of my favorite NYC restaurants. Delicious food and perfect service. The mussels are excellent – slightly spicy and always fresh. The kale salad, mahi mahi, and steak frites were all perfection. We also loved the zucchini chips and Brussels sprout sides. Lovely atmosphere and great location seal the deal."

- Susan
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"The experience at Jane was great. Food was delicious and nicely presented.
Had the Brussels Sprouts to start, always good, cooked beautifully. Delicious and crispy.
Entree was the Jane burger; again delicious and the generous serving of fries was great.
Had a couple drinks as well, make sure you take advantage of their happy hour, delicious drinks + save some money= win/win.

I would recommend Jane and I would come back."

- David
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"Had a great dinner here with friends from out of town. Eric our server was very friendly and knowledgeable. Had a bottle of malbec with dinner. The cauliflower appetizer was very delicious. The paella was excellent and filling as well as the steak frites and the pork chop. Rounded out the evening with chocolate cake and ny cheese cake and coffee. Will always be a favorite place."


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"I visit Jane whenever I'm in New York and this time I brought a friend with me, who was also impressed. We had brunch and enjoyed the food and the relaxed atmosphere. A big thank you to Eric, who looked after us, making sure we had the best service. We left feeling we were set up for a day in the city!"

- LancLass29

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"Amazing Bloody Mary, great service, perfect Brunch spot."

- JonathanG

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"Food was fabulous and waiter was attentive! Terrific night. We’ll be back!"

posted on OpenTable

"Food and service was great! Thought it would be crazy because it was New years eve. Place was packed but everything well organized! look forward to trying brunch sometime"

- K&J

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Jane is a very good place for brunch. I came here on the last day of 2019. Very good coffee choice. The French toast is a must have. Overall I think the Benedict is over priced on Manhattan. When we ordered the French toast, the waitress asked what side do we want, sausage or bacon. We said sausage without knowing it's actually an extra order until we paid the bill. The way she asked make it sounds like the toast comes with a side. But the staff was easy to work with to remove it from our bill.

- Luke

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The experience at Jane was great. Food was delicious and nicely presented. Had the Brussels Sprouts to start, always good, cooked beautifully. Delicious and crispy. Entree was the Jane burger; again delicious and the generous serving of fried was great.

- Arny

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Fantastic atmosphere for Sunday brunch. Amazing quality food. Eric was a great server. Creme brulee french toast?? DOPE!

- Collin

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We like a lot going out. Last night we came to this superb place which we didn’t know before. We passed a beautiful time there with fine dishes and an efficient crew and a talented chef. We put this fine restaurant in our list and we shall no doubt return very soon. We deeply recommend.

- Niko

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I randomly remembered one of my coworkers telling me about how Jane had the best bacon she ever had. Anyways, I was out and about with my friend and we were on the hunt for a brunch place. We found out Jane was nearby, so no better time than the present to try out that bacon! We also went on a weekday late afternoon, when it wasn't too crowded.

In addition to that, I tried the vanilla bean french toast and y'all, it was super delicious! It was exactly what I was looking for. My coworker was correct - that bacon was pretty darn good. If you're ever in SoHo, Jane is the perfect stop for all of your brunch needs.

- Toyin D.

posted on Yelp 

We wanted to go to another restaurant in the area but it ended up being a 1.5 hour wait so we decided to check out Jane. Jane was only 1.5 blocks away from our original restaurant and when we came in, we were able to snag some of the bar seats. The bartenders were very friendly and amusing and we enjoyed their company. We ordered right away and our food came out SURPRISINGLY FAST. I don't think it was even 5 minutes since we placed our order. It even came out before our coffee and latte drinks. Which was very funny but we weren't complaining!

The entire place was packed and everyone seemed to be enjoying and having a great time. They also have a lower section which can hosts large group parties. I'm looking forward to coming here again! The food was also very tasty and fresh!

- Belle L.

posted on Yelp

Came here with a big group on a beautiful Saturday noon. My friend made reservations a few days ahead of time for a party of 5.

We were seated very quickly when our entire party was present. The waiter/ waitress was super friendly and alert when we needed our waters filled.

Everyone at my table ordered salad/ Benedict, while I decided to be that guy and go with the popular Vanilla Bean French Toast. It's been a while since I had French Toast, but......... I honestly have to say that Jane might hold one of the best French Toast I have eaten. The bread was super fluffy, and had a crunch. The flavors were just all infused beautifully.

Ever had those moments where the food taste so good, your eyes just closed? Well, I had it with Jane's Vanilla Bean French Toast!!

I believe the rest of my friends were pretty satisfied with their dishes as well.

I can see why this place has over 3k reviews of 4+ stars. Ambiance felt very classy but people were in nice summer attire!

- Art C.

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